Built for the Royal Navy in 1959 these three of seven identical yachts were designed and constructed using Burmese teak by the craftsmen of Morgan Giles from Teignmouth.

Originally based in Dartmouth at the Naval Training College named as Seamanship Training Class they enjoyed HMS status and flew the white ensign. A direct replacement for the German windfall yachts seized by the Royal Navy after the second world war, they were used to train naval officer cadets on how to sail and regularly appeared at Cowes and were included and listed as HMS ships in the review of the Navy’s fleet at Spithead, Portsmouth for the Queen’s Silver Jubilee In 1977.

Shortly after as with much of the Navy they were decommissioned and sold to make way for much less glamorous vessels.

These Yachts fully restored in all their glory are now back together working with Classicsail.


Built at Looe In Cornwall by Gerald Perne in 1970 to a similar design to the Looe fishing boats,  Bulla is our very pretty support /committee motor sailer. Built of close planked Iroko she is incredibly strong and ideally suits her role at Classicsail.